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Leading the Way in Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

"Empowering Doctors with Precise Data for Personalized Care"

Our Approach to Care

Comprehensive Data and Reporting

"Collected data enhances treatment for future patients."

Advanced Genetic Sequencing

"Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is revolutionizing testing by enabling rapid analysis of genes."

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Supporting Doctors

"Offering doctors tailored suggestions and recommendations based on test results, enabling them to make informed treatment decisions."

Rapid Results Delivery

"Healthcare decisions often come with urgency. We provide swift results, ensuring patients can receive answers and begin treatments promptly.

Early Detection and Prevention

"For many diseases, early detection is crucial. If a patient’s genetics indicate a high probability, doctors can initiate preventative measures to slow disease progression."

Customized Care Solutions

"Equipped with our test results, doctors can offer tailored treatment plans, ensuring patients recover more quickly and effectively."

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Chesapeake Clinical Labs

"Chesapeake Clinical Laboratories is perfectly sized to offer personalized support and service, all while staying at the forefront of technology and testing innovations..."

Drug Rehabilitation Clinics

"Through collaboration and personalization, we partner with you to meet the unique needs of your clients and team..."

Medicated Assisted Treatment

"Our services include fully customized drug panels with real-time electronic ordering and results capability..."

Physicians Offices

"We offer practitioners expert testing and EMR interfacing with unmatched turnaround times for results..."

STAT Toxicology/Hospitals

"STAT services are available 24/7 to hospitals nationwide, offering unmatched turnaround times on results..."

Coroners/Medical Examiners

"We provide access to our board-certified Toxicologist for result interpretation in postmortem (MLDI) testing, as well as alcohol and drug-related cases..."

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